Green Building

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What's Working staff are currently scheduled to speak at every event listed in our calendar.

"I wanted to share with you what a nice job you did presenting such a
compelling story for change. Your session was well structured, it was
very informational but stayed fun and kept my interest the entire time. It was a pleasure to listen to you. Thank for all you do to make this planet a better place for future generations. You were inspiring and left the audience with a sense of what could be if they just made the effort. Let's all hope they do."

-Mark LaLiberte, Building Knowledge


What's Working staff are also actively involved in Integral Ecology and Sustainability (a division of the Integral Institute), including speaking engagments at related conferences. This group is working to expand understanding of the breadth, depth, history and nature of ecology and sustainable development – as well as to explore real-world integral solutions to the critical challenges facing our precious planet. Other prominent participants include Sean Hargens, Michael Zimmerman, Barrett Brown, Cynthia McEwen, John Schmidt and Ken Wilber.

Visit the Integral Institute's website for more information.