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What's Working has helped developed sustainable building programs, green certification programs and training for a full spectrum of government agencies from the local to international level.


Routt County/Steamboat Springs, Green Building Code, CO (September 2007-2008)

  • Provided research and assisted in development of green building guidelines. (September 2006--07)

  • Developed or expanded build-it green programs state-wide in California.
  • Provided state-wide training for architects, builders, remodelers, developers in green building guidelines
  • Worked with over 20 cities to implement green building guidelines in their communities
  • Consulted with state agencies and elected officials to develop state-wide green building guidelines

Alameda County Waste Management Authority (ACWMA), Green Building in Alameda County program, CA (1999--2006)
ACWMA is the leading agency promoting green building in Alameda County and developing model resources and setting the standard for the entire San Francisco Bay area. As principal consultant for residential programs WW:

  • Developed program design and strategy.
  • Organized stakeholder meetings with building professionals and local municipalities.
  • Developed countywide green building checklists and guidelines for new homes and remodeling.
  • Developed and conducted training programs for builders, remodelers, building officials, elected officials and municipal staff.
City of Berkeley, California, Sustainable Berkeley Program, (2005--2006)
Berkeley’s Green Business Program has certified 200 eco-businesses in the City of Berkeley and is developing new resources for program expansion. Sustainable Berkeley is an outgrowth of this Green Business Program that brings together affiliates from the city, the University of California, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to make Berkeley the most sustainable city in the U.S. As a consultant to the program programs WW is:
  • A major participant in program design and strategy and in the development of a green business rating tool.
  • Organizing stakeholder meetings with local businesses.
City of Boulder, Colorado (1994 -- 2006)
  • Provided green building consultation for multiple city projects.
  • Acted as prime contractor for development of guidelines for new construction and for remodeling. The development process included multiple meetings with stakeholders and city employees, development of checklists, writing guidelines and creating the final graphic design for publication.
  • Conducted over 50 presentations to architects, builders, remodelers, interior designers, material suppliers, building officials and the general public to promote the use of the guidelines.
  • Provided environmental planning and green building consultations on 130 unit housing project.
  • Developed and conducted all the training and certification programs for the City of Boulder for 6 years.
  • Founded and direct the Boulder Green Building Guild, an association of building professionals dedicated to promoting healthier, resource-efficient homes and work places.
City of Scottsdale , AZ (2002 -- 2003)
  • Consulted on revision of existing green building program organization and strategy.
  • Provided outreach and training for the local HBA, a statewide stakeholders group, and the general public.
City of Los Angeles, CA (1998 -- 1999)
  • Created and marketed citywide affordable Sustainable Buildings Program.
City of Chicago Housing Authority (1998)
  • Assisted in development of green building guidelines.
  • Judged a green affordable-housing competition.
Stapleton Airport Development Corporation (1996 -- 1997)
  • Market Research for environmental housing development at Stapleton site.
  • Designed guidelines development for green and energy options.
City of Aspen, Colorado (1996)
  • Consulted on 26 unit employee affordable housing project.
  • Developed of green building guidelines that have been adopted by other mountain cities including Telluride and Steamboat Springs.
  • Conducted educational and public relations outreach.
  • Developed and conducted multiple training sessions with builders, architects, building officials and city employees.
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California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) (2002--2004)
The CPUC has granted repeated funding to our partnership with Frontier Associates, Austin Energy, Build It Green, and Sonoma State University to conduct a regional green building market transformation project. Our strategy has been to organize the supply side to understand the value of green building to their business, to train them on how to apply green building principles in their business, and then to market green products, services, and their benefits to the demand side. Our program creates market demand by educating buyers on the benefits of green building and on how to implement it in their homes by use of web sites, brochures, advertising, workshops/presentations, point of purchase displays, home show booths, and co-marketing through large non-profits. At this time, our work is fully cleared through an organization we designed, called Build It Green (BIG). BIG has come to be the central clearinghouse and marketplace transformation organization promoting residential green building in northern California and throughout the state. As consultants to the CA Public Utilities Commission, WW:

  • Was principal designer of and strategist for Build It Green (BIG)
  • Guided the development of the BIG Board of Directors and guided a merger of Build It Green with an existing non-profit, The Green Resource Center in Berkeley
  • Designed and guided development of various BIG stakeholder councils such as the Green Remodelers Guilds, Public Agency Council, Non-Profit Network, Real Estate Council, Builder Council, Suppliers Council, and the Green Affordable Housing Coalition.
  • Provides technical support for the BIG Ask An Expert program, staff training, green materials database, new home and remodeling guidelines, green rating program, and green home tours
  • Provides organizational and strategic consulting to the Executive Director and Board of Directors
  • Provides organizational and technical consulting to local government agencies associated with the BIG Public Agency Council
  • Developed and conducts presentations, consultations and training programs for builders, remodelers, building officials, elected officials, municipal staff, and the general public
  • Developed and teaches the BIG Certified Green Building Professional 16-hour training course (over 300 graduates)
  • Developed a web site for the Green Affordable Housing Coalition (
  • Guided the development of the local green building programs in the City of Santa Rosa and the County of Contra Costa
Illinois Tollway Authority (2005)
  • Provided green building and LEED consultation for the design of a new prototype toll station maximizing green and smart technology.
Colorado Office of Energy Conservation, Denver, CO (1995 -- 1997)
  • Developed Green Builder training program.
  • Created Stapleton Redevelopment standards.
  • Designed Environmental building covenants.
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA), Denver, CO (1995 -- 1996)
  • Developed statewide green builder program.
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National (2005 -- 2008)
ACWMA’s Green Business Program has certified 167 green businesses in Alameda County and is developing new resources for program expansion. As a consultant to the program programs WW is:

  • Major participant in program design and strategy and the development of a Sustainable Business Achievement Rating (SBAR) (2005 -- 2008)
  • Organizing stakeholder meetings with local businesses.
Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC (1995 -- 2001)
  • Multiple contracts to develop green building standards and green building and energy-focused training.

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Washington, DC (1996)

  • Technology transfer of European green building technologies for U.S. green building programs.
  • Developed policy and programs for environmental construction technology.
Southern Utilities Environmental Home Program, Atlanta, Georgia (1994)
  • Developed and conducted training across the country.
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U.S. Department of Energy (1993 -- 2000)

  • Developed policy and programs for environmental construction technology.
  • Represented the US in the International Energy Agency .
  • Participated in sustainable building program development in multiple contracts.
US/ Asia Environmental partnership program in Malaysia (1999)
  • Trained building industry leaders from across SE Asia and China in U.S. green building technology.
  • Trained the national Malaysia architecture and engineering staff in green building concepts and practices.
Manitoba Hydro
  • Developed green province-wide guidelines
City of Winnipeg
  • Developed green city-wide guidelines
Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation
  • Wrote a publication for green building product manufacturer for export to the US
Costa Rica
  • Consulted to various sustainable residential developments and resort destinations
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