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January 6, 2005
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Weighing the eco-options
  • Green Remodeling: Changing the World, One Room at a Time David Johnston and Kim Master New Society, $29.95

      Times Headlines

    Janet Eastman
    Homeowners who remodel and don't consider environmentally friendly options are missing the chance to be sensitive to the land while also living in healthier, more efficient dwellings.

    That's the argument Johnston, a veteran builder and designer who created a green program for the construction industry, makes as he details the remodel of his fixer-upper in Boulder, Colo.

    With more manufacturers offering eco-friendly alternatives, Johnston found that his choices didn't cost much more than old methods. Reasonable recommendations include installing rainwater-catching cistern tanks for gardening or using lumber from fast-growing trees culled from managed forests.

    The book looks and reads like a fact-filled textbook. Still, it's full of useful information, including lists of suppliers and room-by-room suggestions for dedicated do-it-yourselfers. Because function trumps appearance, Johnston's finished project won't make the cover of any slick home magazine. The original canary yellow Formica still serves as his kitchen counter.

    Janet Eastman

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