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What's Working - Green Building & Sustainable Consulting

What's Working is a sustainability consultancy that provides social, economic and ecological guidance to businesses, agencies and communities around the world. What's Working has developed award winning market-based green building and sustainability programs for cities across the globe, established some of the first green building programs in the U.S and has influenced the way tens of thousands homes and communities are built. Through multi-stakeholder collaboration, What's Working's market transformation programs have changed the market fundamentals in many cities across the US leading to green homes becoming standard practice in many regions.

What's Working's seasoned team provides customized green leadership training and consulting, including:

As part of What's Working's Market Transformation Work, What's Working is one of the founders of the Green Advantage Certification, which certifies residential building professionals individuals on design, construction and marketing of green homes. The Green From the Ground Up training is conducted for residential building industry professionals throughout the year. Check to see if there is a Green Advantage Certification training in your area.


The experts at What's Working focus on bringing together all the stakeholders who benefit when green building becomes standard practice. Planners, Architects, Builders, Remodelers, Interior Designers, Product Manufacturers, Retail Suppliers, Realtors and city officials work jointly to create market demand for green products and services while training professionals in how to deliver high quality and affordable green homes.

Sustainable Consulting

green consultingWhat's Working is an industry leader in green building and sustainable consulting serving as a driver behind the sustainable building movement. Our team has 30-plus years of award-winning green construction experience and over fifteen year’s experience providing: green building standards, green policy development and green market strategy.

Books & Videos

books and resourcesThe What' Working library of books and CDs give you the facts about green remodeling and green building. How-tos and reference guides can provide you with the knowledge you need to tackle your green building projects.

Greening Your Business

greening your business What's Working can help you introduce green business standards to help both your business and the environment thrive.